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Le Loft is a collaborative ofsmall businesses situated in Longrock Industrial Estate, near Penzance, West Cornwall. French lessons, Science lessons, English as a Second or Foreign Language for small groups or individuals. Le Loft hosts Saturday Science Club: interesting and fun science-based activities for parents and their children. Revision and Examination Technique Study workshops and tutorials for small groups and on a one-to-one basis. Sophie's Touch sells authentic Mediterranean produce, including high quality green and black olives, confitures and preserves. Sophie also sells traditional jams and marmalades at Le Loft and at local Farmers Markets. Fraser's Flying carpets are luxury quality, bespoke, bound and edged carpets. They are hand made to order, and available in any size. He also offers a high quality carpet fitting service.

A full range of Sophie's Touch Products is stocked at Le Loft.  However, due to space constraints, I can only carry a smaller range at local Farmers' Markets.

I also have a stall at various food fairs, local events and even the occasional car boot!  Please phone to discover where I may be closest to you.

Let me introduce you to 
the marinated green and black olives that come from Provence, including the very queen of olives herself, the organic Tanche, which I get directly from the oliviers in Nyons. I also prepare and sell the top-of-the-range (French green) olives picholines, the intense (French black) olives niçoises, and the lemony, crisp (Spanish green) olives sevillanes.  Never far away from these are my delicious marinated feta and creamy goat cheeses, some of which I hunt down from small independent goat farms in the French Alps. (Please let me know if you like your cheese strong, as I tend to play a bit safe on this score: my really strong cheeses are held in a bomb-proof safe at the bottom of the garden!) I also make flavoured malt, cider, white balsamic and red balsamic vinegars. My flavoured salts (fleur de sel and grey salt) are as versatile as they come.

I infuse Extra Virgin Olive Oils with herbs, including rosemary and bay leaves - that I pick locally, mainly around Coverack, on The Lizard Peninsula and in Penwith. I dry these herbs myself, including the wild thyme that I pick in the village of Serres, half-way up the Southern French Alps. Its speficic terroir gives it its distinctive, uniquely recognisable flavour.

An unusual item of which I'm proud, and which you very rarely see for sale, is my home-made red wine vinegar made following a method handed down in our family. This contains a 'mother of vinegar' - you add leftover red wine to it to make your own wine vinegar. Merci Grand-mère...Cider vinegar, made from local apples, is a new addition to my pantry this year.

My cured lemons and gingery limes can be used to add an exotic touch to roast chicken, BBQ'd fish (
locally-caught, of course), cheese platters and salads. For those with a sweet tooth, I make a selection of unusual and yummy fruit syrups, fruit preserves, marmalades, jams and honey-like syrups.  These are made with seasonal fruit from my part of Cornwall: apples from Coverack, marrows from Perranuthnoe, raspberries and strawberries from the Lizard, to name only a few.

My Provençal fruit jams (genuine overripe apricots, figs from the abandoned vinyards, scrumped plums from the hedges etc.) will be back next summer due to popular request...

Sophie's Touch: Meditteranean Produce and French Cultural Evenings.Sophie's Touch Farmers' Markets and Cookery WorkshopsGCSE and iGCSE Tuition: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Human

"Le Loft"

20K, Poniou Way, 

Longrock Industrial Estate

 Penzance, Cornwall.UK

TR20 8HX.

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