French Tuitions For the Beginner

I am an experienced and enthusiastic French teacher (French national) who offers fun private tuitions to all age groups (children as young as 4!).  I can tailor my lessons to suit all purposes, whether from conversation or revision, from beginner level to the more advanced, for pleasure or for professional, or even simply for travelling needs.  

I have worked with very young children for many years and know how to make them learn a lot of French without them noticing that they are working hard. Games, songs and role-playing are all part of the teaching process and they love it! 

I have also worked with adults for several years now, (I also teach Adult Ed.) and I have learned how to reduce the inhibitions we all face when speaking a foreign language for the first time: humour! 

The fine tuning for the more advanced learners is also conducted in a very light, relaxed, humorous way. Here again, work is done in such a way that time flies!

Over the years, I have also 'coached' many couples and families while in the process of their 'move over' to France: preparing them for this cultural shift by not only focusing on specific areas of their lifestyle for which they need good communication skills, but also paving the way for a smooth cultural adaptation.

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Groupes de Conversation Intermédiaire.

These intermediate French conversation classes are aimed at students who are already familiar with the basics of the language and who want to develop further fluency, pronunciation and intonation.  I use a communicative approach centred on the student; I gradually introduce new vocabulary and structures that students can then practise orally in role-plays and group conversations connected to useful everyday contexts.  Being a French native not only allows me to feed students with interesting cultural facts, but also guarantees accuracy of pronunciation and intonation.  My aim is to give my students the tools to express themselves independently, using modern, contemporary language in a range of contexts including travel, holidaying or even living in francophone countries the world over.

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Groupes de Discussion Avancée.

These advanced discussion classes are aimed at the students who are already well at ease with the language, and for whom grammar, tenses, pronunciation and intonation are just a question of fine-tuning.  Throughout the lessons, I use a wide range of contexts related to current affairs to inject new vocabulary and more complex structures.  The aim is for students to gain confidence and to practise freely on topics that interest them.

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Soirée Raclette

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Every now and then I organize 'une vrai soirée raclette', with real Raclette cheese, proper jambon (French mountain ham) and all the traditional ingredients that go with it. An authentic taste of the genuine stuff, conducted the way it has always been conducted in my own family. A perfect opportunity to experience a snapshot of authentic French culture !

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Le Loft is a collaborative ofsmall businesses situated in Longrock Industrial Estate, near Penzance, West Cornwall.  French lessons, Science lessons, English as a Second or Foreign Language for small groups or individuals. Le Loft hosts Saturday Science Club: interesting and fun science-based activities for parents and their children. PIES holds Revision and Examination Technique Study workshops and tutorials for small groups and on a one-to-one basis. Sophie's Touch sells authentic Mediterranean produce, including high quality green and black olives, confitures and preserves. Sophie also sells traditional jams and marmalades at Le Loft and at local Farmers Markets. Fraser's Flying carpets are luxury quality, bespoke, bound and edged carpets. They are hand made to order, and available in any size. He also offers a high quality carpet fitting service.
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