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I am a fully qualified and experienced French and ESL teacher (French national). Since I qualified as a teacher, I have taught both langages in private and state schools, in the UK, in France, in Spain and in Denmark.

I offer fun (and serious!) French and English as a Second Language classes to all age groups. I tailor my lessons to suit all purposes, whether these are for conversation or revision, for pleasure or CPD (Continuing Professional Development), or simply for your travelling or holidays needs. I teach all levels, from genuine beginner level to the most advanced.

I have been privileged to be part of the Bilingual Section of a local school for 13 years. (The Bilingual program encompassed several subjects that were delivered in French: from DT to RE, History and Geography. The children gained an amazing flexibility by adjusting to the subject-related language; thus developed both subjects in parallel.)

I delivered French from Reception classes to GCSE and IB throughout these years. I am fully familiar with the various exam boards, formats and requirements. For the younger ones, I know how to input a lot of language in fun, creative lessons. The pupils work hard and learn a lot without even noticing: genuine French games, French nursery rhymes, French songs, French role-plays and so on are all part of the learning process and they love it!

I have also worked with adults for several years now, both for French and ESL. I taught Evening Classes for French Conversation for Adult Education; I occasionally teach a number of groups for adults here at Le Loft. Working with these adults has taught me how to reduce the inhibitions we all face when speaking a foreign language for the first time : humour!

Over the years, I have 'coached' many families in the process of moving to France, or restoring their French property. I prepare them for this (usually underestimated) cultural shift by not only focusing on the specific areas for which they will need good communication skills, but also by giving them an insight of the regional culture they are going to live in. Attending my Soirées Francophones can help to pave the way for a smoother cultural adaptation.

Fine tuning for the advanced learners is also conducted in a very light, relaxed and humorous way. At this level of tuition, it is assumed that the student is already highly motivated, so I focus on pronunciation and intonation, contemporary vocabulary and idiomatic structures, grammar and complex tenses, while discussing current affairs, films or literature. The watchword here is : du travail, que du travail! Here again, the work is done in such a way that time flies!

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ESL at Le Loft

Although I am now a French teacher in the UK, my initial teacher training was in ESL in France. This initial training is called CAPES: it is a national competitive exam to qualify as a teacher, for which success rate is averagely 10%. After qualifying as an English teacher, I worked for the French Ministry of Education for many years in secondary schools.

I hold a double Masters, one in English Literature and the other in French as a Foreign Language. Throughout my university career, I have enjoyed studying a wide range of languages: from Catalan to Japonese, via Latin and German. Rest reassured, they are well and truly distant memories now ! Yet, what remains is the knowledge of what it takes to learn a different language: hard work and fun!

My ESL lessons are based on a communicative approach: students are immersed in real life situations; and my teaching is learner-centered: the chosen real life situations are those the students are most likely to face for real. Progress comes fast when learning is meaningful !

Although my main teaching is for French in the UK, I have had quite a few requests over the years from foreign people holidaying or working here and wanting to improve their language skills.

I can provide one-to-one or group sessions and tailor the lessons to the very specific needs of the student(s).

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A ribbon of blue, white and red longitudinal stripes extends down the left margin of the page.  This is a cultural reference to the 'tricolore cockade' of post-revolutionary France, and reflects the design of the French Flag, the Tricolore.