French Tuition at Le Loft

My Academic Background

I am a fully qualified and well-experienced French and English ESL teacher (French national). I hold a first Master Degree in English Literature, a second Master Degree in French as a Foreign Language. I qualified as an English Teacher by passing the CAPES, a national, highly competitive teaching exam in France. Since I qualified as a teacher, I have taught both langages in private and state schools, in the UK, in France, in Spain and in Denmark.

I have now the pleasure of offering expert language teaching services in well-resourced, dedicated premises at Le Loft and online.

My Language Tutor Services

I offer fun (and serious!) French and English ESL classes to all age groups and abilities. I tailor my lessons to suit all purposes, whether these are for conversation or revision, for pleasure or CPD (Continuing Professional Development), or simply for your travelling or holidays needs. I teach all levels, from genuine beginner level to the most advanced.

Please get in touch here to discuss how I can help you or your child. Please follow us too on Le Loft Tuitions Facebook to find out the latest news coming from our classrooms.

My Teaching Experience

Bilingual French Teacher

I was privileged to be part of the Bilingual Section of a local private school for 13 years. The Bilingual program encompassed several subjects that were delivered in French : from DT to RE, including History and Geography. The children gained an amazing cognitive flexibility by adjusting to the subject-related language, developping skills and knowledge in both subjects at the same time.

KS1 French teacher

For the younger ones, I understand how to input a lot of language in fun, creative lessons. Best of all, I know exactly which seeds to sow from an early age to make future high-stake exams look less daunting. They work hard and learn without even noticing. Genuine French games, French nursery rhymes, French songs, French role-plays and so on are all part of the learning process and they love it !

French GCSE, French A-Level, French IB Teacher

I delivered French from Reception classes to GCSE and IB throughout my Bilingual Section years. I have taught many GCSE, A-Level and IB French students as a private French tutor too. I am fully familiar with the various exam boards, formats and requirements. I know pricisely how to help students improve their French grades quickly thanks to constructive and effective feedback. Confidence is boosted, stress level goes down, and success comes.

DELF and DFP Teacher

Over the years, many students have required my services to help them pass their Delf Junior and Delf Pro exams (now called DFP). Those qualifications are a real bonus to students, even more so when they successfully bag their B2 Level (CEFR) ! (FYI a Level 9 French GCSE equals a B1). Studies in French universities, for instance, come at a fraction of the price of what students face in England. Parents quickly do their sums. It is cheaper to learn the language and study abroad, not to mention the tremendous traveling experience and improved career prospect this Delf qualification represents.

French Conversation Teacher

I have worked with adults too for several years now. Some very unusual briefs were stimulating for me, and life changing for the students ! More conventionaly, I taught Evening Classes for French Conversation for Adult Education. Working with adults has taught me how to reduce the inhibitions we all face when speaking a foreign language for the first time : humour ! That is why it is never too late to start learning French ! To join a French for Beginners class, contact me here !

For advanced learners, I focus on pronunciation and intonation, contemporary vocabulary and idiomatic structures, grammar and complex tenses, while discussing current affairs, films or literature. The watchword here is : du travail, que du travail ! But, here again, the work is done in such a way that time flies !

French Family Groups Teacher

I have 'coached' many families in the process of moving to France, or while restoring their French property. I prepare them for this (usually underestimated) cultural shift by focusing on the specific areas for which they need good communication skills and sound insights of the regional culture they are going to live in. This paves the way for a smoother cultural adaptation. Unfortunately, Brexit has discouraged many families from achieving their French dream. Yet, they carry on learning French as a family group. This is a brilliant way to create life-long skills and precious, fond memories of the quality time spent together learning and playing.

English Teacher

My ESL lessons are also based on a communicative approach : students are immersed in real life situations. My teaching is learner-centered : the chosen real life situations are those the students are most likely to face for real. Progress comes fast when learning is part of the daily routine !

Over the years, I have also coached successfully quite a few students through their English Language GCSE or English A Level exams, covering some literature elements of the English Literature GCSE and A Level exams along the way. Most importantly, we worked on essay writing techniques, accurate spelling and grammar, as well as literature analysis or effective use of literary terminology.

Home-Ed and Private Candidates French Teacher

I have helped many home-educated students of all ages and abilities, achieve excellent French GCSE grades and French A-Level results, thanks to French Revision lessons, Grade Booster lessons and French conversation classes.

Sadly, fewer and fewer schools and colleges support French as a subject nowadays. This is a great shame for students' future career prospects. Please get in touch here if your schooled child needs to undertake a French GCSE or French A-Level exam as a private candidate, and gain the benefits of having a Foreign Language on their university applications and CV.

Accompanying home-schooled students and private candidates on their educational journey has always felt a privilege.

I am fully committed to my students' success. I have always been and I stand or I fall by it... and I have been standing for the last 30 years!!

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A ribbon of blue, white and red longitudinal stripes extends down the left margin of the page.  This is a cultural reference to the 'tricolore cockade' of post-revolutionary France, and reflects the design of the French Flag, the Tricolore.
A ribbon of blue, white and red longitudinal stripes extends down the left margin of the page.  This is a cultural reference to the 'tricolore cockade' of post-revolutionary France, and reflects the design of the French Flag, the Tricolore.