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Le Loft is a collaborative ofsmall businesses situated in Longrock Industrial Estate, near Penzance, West Cornwall. Penwith Independent Educational Support (PIES) offers French lessons, Science lessons, English as a Second or Foreign Language for small groups or individuals. Le Loft hosts Saturday Science Club: interesting and fun science-based activities for parents and their children. PIES holds Revision and Examination Technique Study workshops and tutorials for small groups and on a one-to-one basis. Sophie's Touch sells authentic Mediterranean produce, including high quality green and black olives, confitures and preserves. Sophie also sells traditional jams and marmalades at Le Loft and at local Farmers Markets. Fraser's Flying carpets are luxury quality, bespoke, bound and edged carpets. They are hand made to order, and available in any size. He also offers a high quality carpet fitting service.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

English as a Second Language

Although I am now a French teacher in the UK, my initial teacher training was in ESL in France. This initial training is called CAPES: it is a national competitive exam to qualify as a teacher, for which success rate is averagely 10%. After qualifying as an English teacher, I worked for the French Ministry of Education for many years in secondary schools.

I hold a double Masters, one in English Literature and the other in French as a Foreign Language. Throughout my university career, I have enjoyed studying a wide range of languages: from Catalan to Japonese, via Latin and German. Rest reassured, they are well and truly distant memories now ! Yet, what remains is the knowledge of what it takes to learn a different language: hard work and fun!

My ESL lessons are based on a communicative approach: students are immersed in real life situations; and my teaching is learner-centered: the chosen real life situations are those the students are most likely to face for real. Progress comes fast when learning is meaningful !

Although my main teaching is for French in the UK, I have had quite a few requests over the years from foreign people holidaying or working here and wanting to improve their language skills.

I can provide one-to-one or group sessions and tailor the lessons to the very specific needs of the student(s).

Please, enquire for further details on how I can help you.

Thank You.

English as a Second Language