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French Tuitions:
All ages, all levels and all purposes!

Sophie's Outlet at Le LoftSophie's Outlet at Le Loft Sophie's Outlet at Le Loft

I am an experienced and enthusiastic French teacher (French national) who offers fun private tuitions to all age groups (children as young as 4!).  I can tailor my lessons to suit all purposes, whether from conversation or revision, from beginner level to the more advanced, for pleasure or for professional, or even simply for travelling needs.  

I have worked with very young children for many years and know how to make them learn a lot of French without them noticing that they are working hard. Games, songs and role-playing are all part of the teaching process and they love it! 

I have also worked with adults for several years now, (I also teach Adult Ed.) and I have learned how to reduce the inhibitions we all face when speaking a foreign language for the first time: humour! 

The fine tuning for the more advanced learners is also conducted in a very light, relaxed, humorous way. Here again, work is done in such a way that time flies!

Over the years, I have also 'coached' many couples and families while in the process of their 'move over' to France: preparing them for this cultural shift by not only focusing on specific areas of their lifestyle for which they need good communication skills, but also paving the way for a smooth cultural adaptation.

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Sophie's Touch- Authentic Mediterranean Produce at Farmers Markets in West Cornwall
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Sophie's Touch:
Authentic Mediterranean Produce.

Sophie's Outlet at Le LoftSophie's Outlet at Le LoftSophie's Outlet at Le LoftSophie's Outlet at Le Loft

You will find on my stall piles of home-made goodies that I prepare myself following un savoir-faire passed down from generation to generation within my family on both sides.
My distinctive, decorative touches are the multi-coloured gingham I use and my home-made, hand-written rafia labels. All the jars and bottles I use are recycled (thanks to a very cooperative network of recyclers in and around Penzance).  All pots and bottles are different in shape, size and colour, making each one appealingly unique and are ideal as an 'original' present.
I also have a range of baskets, so you can create your own hamper, tailoring your gift to the specific taste of the person for whom the gift is intended. By keeping a selection in the kitchen cupboard,you'll never be caught on the hop again: you'll have the ideal stress-free solution to what to take to an unexpected invitation or last-minute party, or even what to serve for a quick meal at home when you fancy something (or someone...) a bit special.

Come along and try some of the samples available at my stall at a Farmers' Market (or on Wednesdays at my kitchen outlet at Le Loft) and see for yourself the high standard and the quality of the products that I have to offer. I'm always pleased to provide customers with ideas on how to use them if they are not already familiar with them.

A ribbon of blue, white and red longitudinal stripes extends down the left margin of the page.  This is a cultural reference to the 'tricolore cockade' of post-revolutionary France, and reflects the design of the French Flag, the Tricolore.