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French and Science: Tuition and Workshops

T: 01736 360100

Sophie's Touch.

T: 01736 360100

M: 07833 713490

Le Loft, French and Science Tutors, Sophie's Touch
Science Lessons, French Lessons, ESL for all ages and abilities
Sophie's Touch- Authentic Mediterranean Produce at Farmers Markets in West Cornwall
Le Loft Tutors: Science Workshops
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Photo of Le Loft's taken from the garden, showing the distinctive blue white and red logo against a deep Mediterranean blue sky.

"Le Loft"
20K, Poniou Way,
Longrock Industrial Estate,
TR20 8HX.
Tel: +44(0) 1736 360100


A ribbon of blue, white and red longitudinal stripes extends down the left margin of the page.  This is a cultural reference to the 'tricolore cockade' of post-revolutionary France, and reflects the design of the French Flag, the Tricolore.